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Access 2000 initiation PDF

Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. The Syrian peace process is the ensemble of initiatives and plans to resolve the Syrian Civil War, which has been ongoing in Syria since 2011 and has spilled beyond its borders. The attempts to find access 2000 initiation PDF solution to the Syrian conflict and bringing stability to the Middle East began in late 2011, when the Arab League launched two initiatives, but without much success.

Russia in January 2012 and in November 2013 suggested talks in Moscow between the Syrian government and opposition. After agreement of the Syrian government to the AL plan of 19 December the AL sent a monitoring mission to Syria. On January 30, 2012, the Russian foreign ministry suggested « informal » talks in Moscow between the Syrian government and opposition, and said the Syrian authorities had already agreed to the Russian offer. In February 2012 Martti Ahtisaari held talks with envoys of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. On 7 November 2013, Russia again announced it was trying to broker talks in Moscow between the Syrian government and opposition, seeing that the U. Russian negotiators failed to agree on whether or not Assad should be forced out of office.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov said, the Moscow talks could focus on humanitarian problems as well on some political issues. In February 2012, the then French President Sarkozy initiated an international « contact group » to find a solution for the Syrian conflict, after Russia and China had vetoed a 4 February 2012 UN Security Council resolution. The group held four meetings, all in the year 2012. March 2012, intended to commit both the Syrian government and opposition to a cease fire and commit the Syrian government to initiate deliberations with the opposition on their aspirations and concerns. The Geneva talks were condemned by Ahrar al-Sham leader Hassan Abboud.

During the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement held from 26 to 31 August 2012 in Tehran, Iran and attended by leaders of 120 countries, Iran intended to draw up a new peace resolution aiming to resolve the Syrian civil war. Lakhdar Brahimi, an Algerian diplomat, appointed on September 1, 2012, as the new U. Syrian government and opposition together to discuss a transitional government. On 25—27 May 2015, a number of Syrian Opposition groups convened in Astana, Kazakhstan. The conference was held at the request of opposition figures to Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was asked to step in as a mediator in the Syrian conflict. In September 2015 Hezbollah, an ally of the Syrian government, announced a six-month truce between the rebel-held town of Zabadani near Damascus and two Shia towns in the north-west of Syria. The deal was reached after mediation from Iran. On 23 October 2015, the Foreign Ministers of the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey met and talked in Vienna, Austria, to find a way to end the Syrian conflict. On 30 October 2015, the first round of the Syria peace talks were held in Vienna with foreign ministers of 20 countries participating: U.

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