Cage of Eden T10 PDF

Cage of Eden T10 PDF

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Après le crash de leur avion, Akira et ses camarades de classe se réveillent sur une île habitée par des espèces que lon croyait éteintes depuis des millions dannées. La situation devient de plus en plus désespérée ; certains de ses camarades sont dévorés vivants par des bêtes sauvages, tandis que dautres tuent en désespoir de cause. Maintenant, Akira et quelques compagnons dinfortune vont tenter de survivre à ce qui paraît être un horrible cauchemar

This is a list of fictional characters from the manga Cage of Eden. The main protagonist of the story. In the beginning of the story Akira self-deprecates himself, feeling worthless compared to his closest friends, Rion the school idol and Kouhei the star of the volleyball team. He is the class clown, having caused much trouble on his school trip to Guam.

His antics and perverted actions make him unpopular with the girls, and despite having many friends, many of his classmates look down on him. Akira’s childhood friend, although at 15 she has very large breasts. Rion is the school’s « idol » and the star of the gymnastics team. She has feelings for Akira since childhood, but does not want to admit it. She would take care of him, drag him to school, help him with homework and look out for him. After the crash, she went into hiding from the chaos that came over the survivors. She was later found by Akira and has followed him since.

A teenage prodigy who carries a laptop which contain facts about prehistoric fauna and flora. He was ranked first in his class for nine years running. He is very stoic, usually attempting to kill his emotions, to make the logical decisions. Thanks to his encyclopedias, intelligence and wit, he is the group’s strategist when he helps Sengoku in his plans and acts as his second command. He carries around a portable charger for his laptop. He was at first bullied by everyone until Sengoku stood up for him, and he became popular by the end of the year.

Kouhei originally led a large group of survivors, but was haunted by his sin and wished for Sengoku for help, despite thinking that he was dead. An air stewardess who joins Akira’s group. She is very knowledgeable in first aid, although she is also quite clumsy. She has low self-confidence, but only has pride in her large bust.

A loner student well-known for violence. He is very powerful, the best fighter of the series, and at the same time very intelligent. He has advanced knowledge of science. He is focused on understanding the island’s mystery, and sees Sengoku as his first friend.

It is hinted that he is in love with Kurusu. Since his father had many lovers and wasn’t interested in him, he was raised by his mother alone until she died when he was six. He comes from a broken family, where everyone ignores him. He does not do well in school, and has no friends his age. While perverted, Kazuma has a strong loyalty to his friends whom he considers like his own family. During the series, he begins to fall for Oomori, but is rejected when he finally confesses. Soon after, he gets injured during a fight with some of the island’s animals.

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