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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the band. Imagination Movers is an American children’s band formed in New College en Poche 6e PDF, Louisiana, in 2003.

The line-up includes Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, and Scott « Smitty » Smith. Chief Executive Officer at Louisiana Public Broadcasting. The Movers built a sizable regional following by setting educational songs for kids to melodies and rhythms that adults appreciate as well. They sold more than 100,000 copies of their self-produced CDs and DVDs. In early 2005, Disney took notice, and initiated negotiations to add the Movers to the company’s roster. These were interrupted in August when the flood protection designed and built by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect New Orleans failed.

In 2008, Walt Disney Records introduced the Imagination Movers’ music to the nation with the release of the Movers’ first nationally-released CD, « Juice Box Heroes. In September 2008, a 22-minute show featuring the group began airing on the Disney Channel’s preschool programming block known as Playhouse Disney, and eventually airing on Playhouse Disney’s replacement, Disney Junior. The Movers starred and were also co-executive producers of the show. The Movers wrote and performed all of the songs heard on their show. Moreover, the Imagination Movers have received critical kudos for their live concert performances. In October 2009, the Imagination Movers started the « Live from the Idea Warehouse Concert Tour 2009 ». Traveling from mid-October to mid-December 2009 their live performances include lots of their favorite songs and dancing, as well as video appearances of Warehouse Mouse.

From March to October 2012, the Imagination Movers toured North America on their post-Disney « Rock-O-Matic » tour. The show maintained several elements of the original TV concept, such as an on-stage « idea emergency » and several sets from their older catalog. DVD release, « Rock-O-Matic », which featured all new music from the band. In the summer of 2013, Imagination Movers released their fourth album on Disney records, entitled « Back in Blue. The album consists of 26 songs, covering most of the songs written for season three of the TV series as well as any other unreleased material penned by the Movers for the television show. Fall 2013, the Imagination Movers teamed with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association to present the Think Big Tour, an educational 60-minute concert traveling throughout the state of Louisiana.

May 2014 – Disney Junior Canada presented the Imagination Movers Live in Concert tour with special guest Warehouse Mouse. The tour covered seventeen Canadian cities, starting September 13 in Victoria, BC and ending in Glace Bay, NS on October 2, with a majority of the dates selling out. During the fall of 2014, 9 Story Entertainment announced that it has entered into a development deal with the award-winning musical act Imagination Movers. 4-7-year-olds, bursting with comedy, adventure, and music. In 2016, the Movers released the single « Super Movers, » an upbeat, ska-inspired audio treat spreading the belief that everyone has the power to become a superhero. In 2017, the Imagination Movers crowdfunded their tenth album through Indiegogo, entitled « 10-4.

The album was released on December 14, 2018. This multi-instrumentalist works the controls in the recording studio. He is the Imagination Movers’ drummer on the TV show, but plays guitar, bass and occasionally drums in concert. His drum sticks double as « Scribble Sticks », which he uses to draw words and pictures on the TV screen. Originally from Silver Spring, MD, Collins graduated from The Catholic University of America and relocated to New Orleans in the early 1990s to form a rock band, Dubly. The initial inspiration for Imagination Movers came in 2003 from Durbin, who wanted to create a live action local kids show that presented strong male role models for children.

The son of a second generation Methodist minister and chaplain in the US Army, Durbin lived the life of an army brat, residing in various places around the world including Washington, D. Before the formation of the Movers, Durbin received his undergraduate degree in religious studies from Centenary College of Louisiana and his graduate teaching certification from the University of New Orleans. In the Idea Warehouse, Durbin, who plays the mandolin, keyboards, and melodica on the show, also wears « Wobble Goggles, » which allow him to see things from a variety of perspectives. In 2015, Durbin joined the faculty at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an instructor and coordinator of the Music Business Program. An architect by trade, Poche was part of the design team for the New Orleans Saints practice facilities and also designed various New Orleans-based banks, office buildings and hotels.

He most recently worked on several designs that are part of the post-Katrina rebuild efforts. As ‘Imagination Mover Dave,’ Poche is the Movers’ « jack-of-all-trades, » using his red gadget hat as a storage device for a variety of objects, many of which he uses to make his cool gizmos and contraptions. Poche is also responsible for creating the concept of the Warehouse Mouse puppet, a mainstay in the series. An active father, he has taken time from his busy schedule to serve as a Cub Scout den Akela as well a coach for his children’s T-ball, basketball and soccer teams. While he has no formal theatrical or musical training, Poche did fiddle with the bass briefly in college and has a colorful performance background that includes a stint as a stand-up comic.

Like his fellow Movers, he is inspired by 1980s and ’90s rock, pop and alternative music and by his front-lines experience dealing with his children’s sleepless nights, messy playrooms and other growing pains. Originally from Baton Rouge, Poche received his degree from Louisiana State University and moved to his wife’s hometown of New Orleans 13 years ago. Despite losing their home to Hurricane Katrina, the couple has returned to the New Orleans area where they currently reside with their two young children. Smitty, a New Orleans firefighter, has spent the past five years as part of Engine 7 on Basin Street and was a part of the Hurricane Katrina search-and-rescue effort.

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