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Sudan during a civil war that caused a famine in 1984. After a secret Israeli cabinet meeting in November 1984, the decision was made to go forward with Operation Moses. Over those seven weeks, over 30 flights brought moïse PDF 200 Ethiopian Jews at a time to Israel. Trans European Airways had flown out of Sudan previously with Muslims making the pilgrimage to Mecca, so using TEA was a logical solution for this semi-covert operation because it would not provoke questions from the airport authorities.

Il doit faire sortir du Royaume le peuple hébreu, soumis à l’esclavage et à l’humiliation par le pouvoir, pour le conduire à une Terre promise, opulente et fertile, loin de toute souffrance. Armé d’un bâton sacré et déterminé à aider les siens, le prophète entame le début d’un long voyage semé d’embûches.

Operation Moses ended on Friday, January 5, 1985, after Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres held a press conference confirming the airlift while asking people not to talk about it. Sudan killed the airlift moments after Peres stopped speaking, ending it prematurely as the news began to reach their Arab allies. This operation was the subject of an Israeli-French film titled Live and Become, directed by Romanian-born Radu Mihăileanu. The film centers on an Ethiopian child whose Christian mother passes him as a Jew so he can immigrate to Israel along with the Jews in order to escape the famine that is looming in Ethiopia. In the book World War Z by Max Brooks, the evacuation of African Jews to Israel in response to the outbreak of the titular epidemic is referred to as Operation Moses II.

Black Jews, Jews, and Other Heroes: How Grassroots Activism Led to the Rescue of the Ethiopian Jews. Ethiopian Jewry: America’s Role in the Rescue of Ethiopian Jewry ». This week in History: Operation Moses begins ». Jews in Israel: Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns. Chapter Five: Ethiopian Jews in Israel: A Part of the People or Apart from the People? Black Over White: Info on Ethiopian Jews ».

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