Mulan PDF

Mulan PDF

This is the original poem of Mulan. They ask Daughter who’s on her mind. No one is on Daughter’s mind. Mulan PDF every scroll there’s Father’s name.

And serve in the army in Father’s place. In the North Market she buys a long whip. In the evening camps on the Yellow River’s bank. She only hears the Yellow River’s flowing water cry tsien tsien. In the evening she arrives at Black Mountain. She only hears Mount Yen’s nomad horses cry tsiu tsiu. She crosses passes and mountains like flying.

Chilly light shines on iron armor. Stout soldiers return after ten years. The Son of Heaven sits in the Splendid Hall. And prizes of a hundred thousand and more. The Khan asks her what she desires. Mu-lan has no use for a minister’s post.

To take me back to my home. They go outside the wall to meet her, leaning on each other. She fixes her rouge, facing the door. He whets the knife, quick quick, for pig and sheep. And put on my old-time clothes. She goes out the door and sees her comrades. Her comrades are all amazed and perplexed.

They didn’t know Mu-lan was a girl. The she-hare’s eyes are muddled and fuddled. How can they tell if I am he or she? From:The Flowering Plum and the Palace Lady: Interpretations of Chinese Poetry By Han H. Don’t insult others when they may not have english as a first language. Be careful of what you say. Chinese does not conjugate and in chinese sentences do not have a time period so sometimes the translation is impossible.

This comment has been removed by the author. If you don’t « insult » people on their grammar or anything else, first language or no, how will they know if they did something wrong? You could politely point out what their mistake was instead of mocking the whole general comment. Mu-lan risked it all for her father.

She is so inspirational, even if she didn’t really exsist. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite quotes is by her: « That which you believe you can do you will strive to achieve ». Also, order the movie « Mulan: Rise of a Warrior ». It’s a great movie starring Zhou Wei as Mulan.

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