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This article needs additional citations for verification. The term zome is used in several related senses. Résistante PDF Baer, his wife, Holly, and associates. Here he became interested in the possibilities of building innovative structures using polyhedra.

Baer and his wife, Holly, moved back to the U. In recent years, the unconventional « zome » building-design approach with its multi-faceted geometric lines has been taken up by French builders in the Pyrenees. Home Work, a book published in 2004 and edited by Lloyd Kahn, has a section featuring these buildings. Zomes have also been used in the artistic, sculptural, and furniture areas. Zomadic, based in San Francisco, CA and founded by Rob Bell, incorporates zome geometry into artistic structures constructed primarily from CNC machined plywood components. Bell is a frequent attendee at Burning Man, a yearly artistic showcase event located in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Richie Duncan of Kodama Zomes, based in southern Oregon has invented a structural system based on a hanging zome geometry, suspended from an overhead anchor point. Constructed of metal compressive elements and webbing tensile elements, the structures are able to be assembled and disassembled. This suspended zome system has been used in furniture, performing arts, and treehouse applications. Yann Lipnick of Zomadic Concepts in France has an extensive study of, and multiple project construction of zomes in many different materials.

He highlights the universal appeal and healing atmosphere that zomes provide, and has training classes and reference books on zome construction. It is perhaps best described as a « space-frame construction set ». Its elements consist of small connector nodes and struts of various colors. In the years since 1992, Zometool has widened and enriched its line of products. Much of the development has focused on improving the style or the variety of struts available.

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