Stranger in the Snow : Let’s read ! PDF

Stranger in the Snow : Let’s read ! PDF

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Dans leur jardin enneigé, Anna et Paul remarquent d’étranges empreintes. Simple animal égaré ou monstre terrifiant ? La découverte d’un objet mystérieux va précipiter leur incroyable rencontre… Flashe le QR code au dos du livre pour écouter l’histoire en anglais. Un livre bilingue pour progresser en anglais.

Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Stranger in a Strange Land is a 1961 science fiction novel by American author Robert A. It tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, a human who comes to Earth in early adulthood after being born on the planet Mars and raised by Martians. The title « Stranger in a Strange Land » is an allusion to the phrase in Exodus 2:22. According to Heinlein, the novel’s working title was The Heretic. In 1991, three years after Heinlein’s death, his widow, Virginia Heinlein, arranged to have the original unedited manuscript published.

Critics disagree about which version is superior, though Heinlein preferred the original manuscript and described the heavily edited version as « telegraphese ». In 2012, the US Library of Congress named it one of 88 « Books that Shaped America ». The story focuses on a human raised on Mars and his adaptation to, and understanding of, humans and their culture. It is set in a post-Third World War United States, where organized religions are politically powerful.

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