The Arms Peddler Vol.4 PDF

The Arms Peddler Vol.4 PDF

The original name of Babak was al-Hasan. Map of Azerbaijan in the 9th-century. The Arms Peddler Vol.4 PDF in the Mimadh district of the Ardabil area, which was part of Azerbaijan, a region in north-western Iran.

En faisant emprisonner Sona dans le château du baron Oulardt, Garami parvient à introduire des armes dans la cité de Yuga, où va se tenir un grand marché aux esclaves. Mais grâce à l’aide d’un guerrier garon, le jeune garçon réussit à s’échapper en se glissant dans un tunnel. Tombé dans les égouts, il fait irruption dans les appartements de la princesse de Caradia, qui doit justement être vendue aux enchères le lendemain.

Alors que les deux fugitifs tentent de se faufiler hors du quartier des esclaves, le général Schran et les soldats de Caradia se préparent à livrer un combat à mort contre la milice de la ville afin de libérer leur princesse…

Übel Blatt avait marqué de son empreinte la dark fantasy. Issu du même magazine, découvrez son successeur spirituel, The Arms Peddler, quête initiatique apocalyptique où le dessinateur Night Owl donne toute la mesure de son immense talent.

Babak was most likely himself not of pure Persian extraction, but of Adhari. She is described as being « one-eyed » in Muslim sources, which is a fabrication made in order to disgrace Babak. Muslim name of al-Hasan, and his three brothers, Mu’awiya, Abdallah, and Ishaq, also had Muslim names. During Babak’s youth, his travelling father was killed was near Sabalan. View of the landscape from the castle. The castle could be seen at the peak between fog. In 755, Abu Muslim was murdered.

Although he had helped the Abbasids to defeat the former Caliphs, the Umayyad dynasty, the ruling Caliph had given the order to kill him, probably because of his increasing popularity among Iranians and Non-Muslims. This, in turn, forced the Caliphs to use more violence against the Iranian population in order to keep the eastern provinces under control. Two rich men named Javidhan b. Abu ‘Emran were then living in the highland around the mountain of Badd and contending for the leadership of the highland’s Khorrami inhabitants.

Javidhan, when stuck in the snow on his way back from Zanjān to Badd, had to seek shelter at Balalabad and happened to go into the house of Babak’s mother. Under the direction of his mentor Javidhan, a leader of one of the sects of the Khorramdin, Babak’s knowledge of history, geography, and the latest battle tactics strengthened his position as a favorite candidate for commander during the early wars against the Arab occupiers. Bābak was a highly spiritual person who respected his Zoroastrian heritage. He made every possible effort to bring Iranians together and also with leaders such as Maziar to form a united front against the Arab Caliph. During these most crucial years, they not only fought against the Caliphate, but also for the preservation of Persian language and culture. After the death of Javidhan, Babak married Javidhan’s wife and became the Khorramis’ leader, sometime in the year 816-17 during al-Ma’mun’s reign.

Babak incited his followers to rise in rebellion against the caliphal regime. The reports state that Babak called Persians to arms, seized castles and strong points, thereby barring roads to his enemies. Gradually a large multitude joined him. There had long been groups of Khorramis scattered in Isfahan, Adharbayjan, Ray, Hamadan, Armenia, Gorgan, and elsewhere in Iran, and there had been some earlier Khorrami revolts, e.

Bātenis in the caliph Al-Mahdi’s reign in 778-79, when ‘Amr b. 820 Yahya ibn Mu’adh fought against Babak, but could not defeat him. Two years later Babak vanquished the forces of Isa ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Khalid. 828 Muhammad ibn Humayd Tusi was dispatched to fight Babak. He won a victory and sent some captured enemy, but not Babak, to al-Ma’mun.

However, about two years later, on June 9, 829, Babak won a decisive victory over this general at Hashtadsar. Muhammad ibn Humayd lost his life. Many of his soldiers were killed. 836 the caliph al-Mu’tasim sent his outstanding general Afshin against Babak.

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